I figured I'd write what was presently on my heart. It's no need to keep it to myself, right? 

My entire life, from a young man to adulthood, I've noticed the power of fathers. Having a loving, caring, and present father in the home has helped shaped me and my perspective on life. Having pops around has helped develop my transition from son to Father. It was seamless and painless. I believe that is because my father was present in my life.  

This is no way means that success means the necessity of a father. But as many who I know who did not have fathers present the road is a little harder. So my heart is definitely for those who are fatherless, as they navigate through life. 

Growing up, my fathers presence in the home encouraged me as well as prohibited me from certain things. Having a father present pushed me to be: Loving (of all, even on their worse days), patient (because I didn't do everything right at first) and consistent (being unwavering in faith and values). His presence also prohibited me from some things as well: Inward Fighting (he saw the danger of a family tearing down itself), selfishness (he enlightened us to selfish ways we couldn't see on our own) and unbelief (my father was a vocal and even greater silent believer in his family and that resonated to me)

I'm not perfect, but I attribute a lot of who I am to the presence of a father.  


What I'm seeing right now in the body is a little disturbing. We have forsaken our calling as sons and daughters and become enemies. We have become inner adversaries, just because of our differing opinions. We've failed to honor those in leadership and each other as the word of God tells us (1 Peter 2:17). We have fallen away from truth and attached ourselves to segmented opinions which is destroying the body. We are tearing each other down and keeping each other down. We have become murderers. Slitting the proverbial throats of our brothers and sisters on the altars of our social platform.  

We've name called and kept others down. We've allowed our helium weighted opinions to carry more weight than the infallible word of God. We're no longer pushing others to fly, we're pushing them to their death. Look at what we've become. Are our eyes open? Black against white. Liberal against conservative. West against east. Donkey against elephant. French cut against skinny jean. We're all saying something different. We no longer believe in each other.  Do you see what we are becoming? 

**Deep Sigh** 

I just have one question. Where are the fathers? 

If there's one thing I remember about living at home with my parents: They did not allow confusion to go on with addressing and resolving the issue! NEVER! 

I believe (and this is my thought) that what we are seeing in the body is an influx of celebs who are willing to partner with for the sake of notoriety, and a diminishing of fathers who are willing to teach, disciple and admonish. Who will call out the wrong in us and challenge our thoughts and actions. Ultimately, leading us closer to God. 

We are in need of fathers who will be able to speak to us in a loving way. Giving us direction and correction. We need fathers who will be patient with us. Knowing we may be emotional and react incorrectly. And we need fathers to be consistent. Never waivering. Being a mirror image of Abba. Us sheep need that consistency.

We also need fathers who will diminish the inward fighting amongst the community of believers. Fathers that will see the destruction that lies ahead if we stay at each other's throats. We need fathers who will uproot selfishness in us and can be led to establish systems of honor that will prevent re-seeding. And we need fathers who will dismantle seeds of unbelief in children. As a Christ centered community we are in need of fathers who will encourage us and mirror a pattern of blind faith, and spirit led belief in God and His word. 


Now, let me establish a couple things. Before some think of this as a call to start fathering sons and daughters, know that if you have not been a submissive son (or daughter) you can never be an effective father. Fatherhood is birthed out of effective sonship. Humble yourself. Be a son first. Additionally, as a father you will birth out the condition in which you are presently, not of what you plan to be. So attaching yourself to a son or daughter is actually birthing them into YOUR CURRENT state. So....let's not. Please and thank you. 

Lastly, I'll say this. This is not only on the lack of fathers. We, as the body, need to humble ourselves, repent, deal with the wax in our ears.  Become sons and daughters again. Teachable. Humble. Honorable. Loving. Caring. Christ Like Children! We need to hear clearly, and that requires a submission to the word of God. Our ears need to be washed with the water of the word (Ephesians 5:26). Don't let pride get in the way brothers and sisters. True sons and daughters know how to receive and process correction and direction. Don't turn a deaf ear. Don't be the reason (pride, anger, dishonor etc) why fathers don't show up.  


Here is my plea to fathers. It's time to be established. It's time (really it's been time) to fortify. The signs are being established. And sons and daughters need shepherding and gathering. God is still turning the hearts of sons to fathers (Malachi 4:6)...but where are we turning to if there are none available? 

Submitted with love, a son and father... 

Devin Gray