The enemy is not that smart. We often give satan alot of credit for his works, but in actuality, he is simply not that bright. He is what we would call a 'one trick pony'; meaning there is not alot he can do in order to succeed. In the case of his primary attack, the body of Christ, he uses one thing as his go-to weapon. That is deception. 

Deception has caused pastors to preach an unbiblical doctrine. Deception has caused young men and women to grow up confused about their identity. It has caused the very elite to fall and stunted the growth of the newborn in Christ. Deception will cause the believer to believe the words of a false prophet over the truth of the word of God.  It is satan's 'one trick' and don't be fooled, he uses it well. The scripture states in Revelation satan 'deceives the whole world' and he will not stop until he does just that. 


Unfortunately, even with the knowledge that we have in the church and of the bible, the body of Christ has not yet caught on to the agenda of the satan and what he is doing. He is seeking to destroy the body, and eliminate the God's fame in the earth. His mission has not changed since his removal from heaven. He wanted the glory then, he wants it now. Don't be deceived. 'See to it that no one misleads you...' satan wants the glory, and he will do anything, use anyone, say anything in order to get it. 


Deception by definition is the act of making someone believe something that is not true. Deception at its root is basically making a lie, sound as if its the truth. How do we do that? Easy, dress it up. Make it sound good. You see, our minds are automatically trained to think that deception is some dirty word. Absolutely not! Deception has so much beauty in it. Think about it. If I want you to believe that something is good, even though its not, I won't highlight the bad features, I'll do my best to highlight all that LOOKS good about it. The girl, who goes to school with you. You know its wrong to look lustfully upon her, but what does satan do? He shows you what is good about or appealing about her (her figure, her mannerisms, the way she talks to you). And before you know it, the good things that the enemy reveals to you overshadows the detriment that God promised by it; and you are deceived. 

The enemies job is to deceive us until believing that what we know is evil, LOOKS good enough to pursue it. The body's issue is that we are driven by our vision and not our understanding. Because we are driven by what we see our hearts are filled with a pursuit driven desire. However, if we are moved by what we know, regardless of what it looks like, our hearts will be content with the truth. The enemy has not halted his pursuit for our souls. He is still seeking to deceive you, to trap you into a spiritual and natural death. Don't be decieved. Don't be fooled. Fix your eyes on Christ. Be fortified in your understanding. Know who you are and who you represent. Be driven by your eyes of faith! The serpent is the church. Don't be driven away because of what he says or how he makes it look.