2016 Year-in-Review...It's a Celebration!

2016 Year-in-Review...It's a Celebration!

Hey, Y'all!

It's really great to be back at this blogging thing again. I've really missed it, but took some time off to focus on some pretty awesome—and challenging—things last year. I hope you will hop back in the saddle and take this journey through 2017 with me as I share some of my favorite recipes, stay-at-home mama hacks, spiritual lessons, marriage insights, and other fun stuff. 

And, hey! If you like what you're reading, be sure to share my posts, comment, and even make suggestions for content you'd like to see. I'm always happy to receive messages in my inbox from you at thecrownedjewel2@gmail.com, this year is noooo different!

Last year was a year of growth for me. I was challenged to engage a spirit of tenacity, stability, and commitment that I had not mustered up before. In fact, 2016 showed me just what I was made of—some of it good, some of it not-so-good. Still, I learned and am more equipped to stare down the barrel of 2017 and earnestly aim for my purpose and goals.

As exciting as it is to celebrate the New Year, I think it’s a huge deal to celebrate your accomplishments from the prior year—because we can be sooo super hard on ourselves. I think it’s important to celebrate yourself because it provides momentum for the steps ahead. So, go ahead…take a moment and cheer yourself on!! I’ll be the first partaker.

In 2016 I:

-         Celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.

-         Graduated from Liberty University with my Master of Arts in Worship and Leadership…and threw myself a party (which was a first!).

-         Finished and released my first book.

-         Threw my kid his first school birthday party.

-         Made it through my first trimester of my second pregnancy (it was BRUTAL!).

-         Witnessed by parents 30th wedding anniversary.

-         Edited my first issue of WOE Magazine as the Sr. Copy Editor…so fun!

-         Traversed some really difficult territory (ie. huge challenges) and refused to let it take me down.

-         Learned how to pray without ceasing—huge because some days I didn’t have the words (ever been there?).

-         Finished some pretty awesome fitness and meal prep content that will be out later this year.

Needless to say 2016 was far from a perfect year, but there were some really stellar moments and big “firsts” that I’ll never forget. I’m really pumped up for 2017 and intend to:

-         Pursue my passions intentionally (ie. cooking, blogging, family, teaching, etc.)

-         Pour into my marriage as we move towards our 5th anniversary (where did time go?!).

-         Say “no” if it does not feed my purpose.

-         Seek after God like never before.

-         Transition well into becoming a mama of two (boys).

-         Lose this baby weight…hopefully! haha

What are some of your accomplishments from last year and how do you intend to make 2017 your best year yet? Remember, to make this year your best year yet means to give it all you’ve got in a way that makes sense for your goals and your unique purpose. Let’s kill the comparison bug now and keep our eyes on the prize that lays at our own finish line! You’ve got this!


Cheers to a Happy New Year!





Note: Due to technical difficulties--because this blog was written at the top of the year (rolls eyes, lol)--and because we want you to be able to keep up with all things DASH in one place, my blog will be moving to this site. You can enjoy my first blog of the year below!